Q. When will my order be shipped?
A. All orders are shipped out within 1 business day. A shipping confirmation email will be sent to you immediately upon shipment of your package. If you place your order over the weekend (Late Friday, Saturday, Sunday), your order will ship out on the following Monday.

Q. What is my tracking number?
A. When your order is shipped, we will automatically send you an email containing your tracking number with instructions on how to track your package online.

Q. What is your return policy?
 We accept all returns within 30 days of the purchase date no matter what the reason is.

Q. What is .925 Sterling Silver?
A. 925 silver is made with 92.5% pure silver. The other 7.5% is a mixture of different metals that help strengthen and stabilize the metal. Pure silver (also known as fine silver) is soft and easily bended and is generally not used for making jewelry. Simply put, 925 silver is the purest form of silver for making jewelry that maintains its beauty over time. All of our .925 sterling silver items are genuine and stamped with the "925" hallmark of authenticity.

Q. What is the difference between Gold Layered and Gold Plated?
A. Gold Layered and Gold Plated items are both made with a semi-precious core metal and are dipped in real gold. The only difference is that Gold Layered items have a much thicker layer of gold than Gold Plated items and, because of this, Gold Layered items are generally priced higher than Gold Plated items. Gold Layered items are guaranteed never to tarnish or change colors and they come with a lifetime warranty, whereas Gold Plated items come with a 90-day warranty.

If you intend on wearing your item every day, it is highly recommend that you go with Gold Layered.

Q. Do Gold Plated items turn?
A. Gold Plated items are not intended to last forever. With normal care, Gold Plated items will last for many months or years depending on frequency of use, but they will eventually fade.

Q. What is rhodium?
A. Rhodium is a precious metal from the platinum family and it has about twice the value of platinum and three to four times the value of gold. Rhodium is known for being very durable and reflective.  Most white gold jewelry items are actually just yellow gold dipped in rhodium to give it the beautiful white shine.

Q. What is my ring size?
A. You may refer to the international ring size conversion chart below to help you determine your correct ring size.

Q. What is my bracelet size?
A. Please follow these instructions to find your bracelet size:

  1. Use a measuring tape to measure around your wrist.  If you do not have one, you can use a piece of string to wrap around your wrist and then measure the length of the string with a standard ruler.

  2. Refer to the chart below to determine how you prefer the bracelet to fit on your wrist (snug, comfortable, or loose).  You will simply take a desired length from below and add it to the length of the Wrist Size measurement from Step 1 in order to determine the proper bracelet size to match your fitting preference.

    Note: The measurements below are approximate.

    Snug Fit

    1/4 Inch to 1/2 Inch
    (6.35 - 12.7 mm)

    Comfortable Fit

    3/4 Inch to 1 Inch
    (19 - 25.4 mm)

    Loose Fit

    1 1/4 inch
    (31.75 mm)